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How Much?

The cost of taking you through the RTM  will vary with the size of the property in terms of paperwork that needs to be served.  However the main variation in costs depends on who the Landlord is. This will determine which opposing solicitors will be involved and their propensity to challenge even the minutest detail.® will deal with all the preliminaries (e.g. polling, acquiring the company, land registry searches, notices of invitation, etc.) prior to the formal notice of claim.  As a rough guide our fee should come to around £50 per flat for an average sized block.

However our help and advice needn’t cost you a penny!  If you instruct Parkgate-Aspen as the RTM’s company’s new managing agent, then® fees can be credited in full against management charges in the 3rd year.

Under the RTM  legislation a landlord is entitled to recover the cost incurred in instructing his solicitor to review and respond to the formal claim.  This can vary between landlords and the solicitors they choose. However, there IS a reasonableness test which may ultimately be determined by the LVT.  In certain cases we also recommend that a solicitor is used to serve the formal RTM claim.

As there are progressive reductions for larger blocks, a more accurate cost quotation can be provided if you submit details as shown.

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